The Byfleet League


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The Byfleet League


Founded 1946



( amended at AGM July 2022)






The league shall be known as ‘The Byfleet League’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the League’).


The League shall be affiliated with The English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (hereinafter referred to as ‘the E.P.S.B.’) and when in existence, The Surrey Snooker and Billiards Association. It shall contribute towards the objectives of those bodies by serving the interests of the games of Billiards and Snooker and those who play them in the Locality. To that end the League shall:

a) promote team and individual knock-out competitions:

b) sponsor teams and/or players in competitions promoted by other bodies:

c) actively encourage the pursuit of the highest possible standards as regards play, refereeing, accommodation and sportsmanship:

d) secure appropriate publicity for its aim, activities and successes, and those of its constituents.


The Officers of the League shall comprise the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Competitions Secretary (herein collectively referred to as ‘the Executive Committee’), and the President and Vice President..


a) Except as laid down in Rule 5(a), the members of the Executive Committee shall be elected only at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General meeting called specifically for that purpose.

Nominees (with their written consent if absent) shall be proposed and seconded from the floor, and in the event of more than one nomination for any particular Office a ballot shall be conducted.

b) An Annual General Meeting shall also have power to appoint an honorary Auditor or Auditors and to elect as Vice - Presidents any persons considered to have rendered distinguished or valuable service to the League.








a) The Management of the League shall be vested in the Executive Committee who shall have power to appoint an Assistant Secretary, a Publicity Manager, and such other functionaries as may be considered beneficial to the conduct of League affairs. The Executive Committee shall also be empowered to co-opt, with effect only till the next General Meeting, a replacement for any Officer who by retirement, resignation or otherwise may be deemed to have effectively relinquished his duties as such.

b) The President and any other person appointed in accordance with Rule 5(a) shall be ex-officio entitled to attend and vote at all meetings of the Executive Committee.


a) League Committee Meetings will be held at approximately 3 monthly intervals during the season on the dates indicated on the league website. Delegates from affiliated clubs should attend and all present including other members from such clubs, may vote on any motion. Five persons, including not less than three members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

b) The Executive Committee, as such, may meet by direction of the Chairman, or General Secretary. Three Officers shall form a quorum, and the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the close season to consider the Annual Report and Accounts and conduct election in accordance with Rule 4, and to consider any other resolutions which shall have been placed upon the agenda. Notice shall be sent, together with copies of the Agenda, to reach the appointed Representatives of each affiliated club not less than 7 clear days before the date fixed for such Annual General Meeting.

If a quorum is not present within 30 minutes of the time appointed for the                                              Meeting, it shall be declared adjourned to a date fixed by the Chair. Those present at such adjourned Meeting shall constitute a quorum and may conduct the business of the Meeting.

b) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by decision of the Executive Committee, or by the Chairman or the General Secretary not more than 28 days after the receipt by him of a written Requisition signed by the appointed Representatives of not less than five affiliated clubs, notices and an Agenda being served as at Rule 7(a).

If a quorum be not present within 30 minutes of the appointed time for the meeting, it shall be dissolved.

At all Annual General Meetings twelve persons entitled to vote shall form a quorum.  Voting except for the election of Officers in accordance with Rule 4(a), shall be by a show of hands, and the Chairman of the meeting shall in the case of equality of votes be entitled to exercise a casting vote. No person other than an Officer or a registered player shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting.







The Constitution and Competition Regulations of the League shall not be subject to repeal, amendment or addition except by Resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened especially for that purpose.


(a) A club applying to the League for the first time, or after a lapse of a season or more shall, if deemed necessary, be inspected by officers from the Executive Committee. Any report on such inspection shall be given, in confidence, to the Executive Committee.

(b) Affiliated clubs shall appoint a representative to attend to the registration of players and serve as a delegate at league meetings.

(c) A player competing in any team event must be allowed by the Club he represents or a Junior as indicated in Rule 9(d), which shall be regarded for all League purposes as his ‘home’ club. A single registration shall cover Billiards and Snooker, but a player may represent one Club at Snooker and another at Billiards but shall not otherwise transfer his registration during any one season.


For the purpose of this rule ‘Juniors’ refers to players under the age of 18   years. In each team, subject to each home club’s rules, one junior player will be allowed providing they are registered by the club they are representing. If a team including a Junior is playing at a club where they are prohibited it is the visiting team’s responsibility to select a suitably qualified replacement.

e) Registration Fees shall be non-returnable, but other dues paid in accordance with Rule 10 may be refunded at the discretion of the Executive Committee in special circumstances. The Executive Committee shall also be empowered to refuse or cancel any registration, or to withhold the award of any prize or trophy, in the event of non-payment of dues or for other good and sufficient reason(s) which shall be furnished on request.


Registration                             £5.00 per player

Team Entry                              £20.00 per team (Billiards or Snooker)


Snooker Championship            £4.00 per player

Snooker Divisional Champs     £4.00 per player

Billiards Championship            £4.00 per player

George Harris Billiards H'cap   £4.00 per player

Snooker Pairs Handicap           £8.00 per team

Jersey Triples Handicap           £12.00 per team

Over 50’s Snooker Shield         £4.00 per player




(a) The League Billiards and Snooker team tournaments shall be conducted on a basis of separate Divisions graded by merit, and within each Division all teams shall play ‘home’ and ‘away’ matches against all others. The entries for each tournament shall as far as possible be equitably distributed between the number of Divisions made up, in accordance with Rule 14(d).

(b) In either tournament the number of teams entered by any one Club shall be limited to twice the number of tables approved in accordance with Rule 9(a) for simultaneous match play, up to a maximum of eight.

(c) The Snooker and Billiard Leagues shall commence as directed by the Executive Committee. All matches shall be arranged to commence not later than 19.45 hours on Thursday evenings.



(a) All matches shall be played on the date specified in the fixture list unless unavoidably postponed. The Match Secretary shall be notified immediately of postponed matches, which shall be played off at the earliest possible date. Inability to field a complete team shall not of itself constitute a valid reason for postponement without the prior agreement of the Match Secretary and the opponents concerned. In the event of a postponed match the non offending team shall offer a choice of three alternative dates within the next 28 days but not all in the same week. A team then defaulting on the offer shall be deemed to have conceded the match. All games, however, must be completed before the date of the final fixture of the League concerned.

(b) The Executive Committee shall have the power to order any postponed matches to be completed before the next meeting and to withdraw from the competition any team defaulting on three or more fixtures. Offending teams shall be liable to forfeit maximum points to opponents in respect of un-played fixtures: alternatively, the Executive Committee may declare null and void those already played or make such other decision as appears to be just and expedient under the circumstances.



(a) Team matches shall commence nominally at 19.45 hours, each captain having decided his chosen order independently. Games to be played in order. The break off order to be determined by a toss of a coin. Subsequent frames to alternate between teams.

(b)  Either team having no member present at 20.00 hours may be liable to forfeit the first game to their opponents and a team unrepresented by or before 20.30 hours may be deemed to have defaulted. All matches must be played using Super Crystalite Balls or Tournament Champion Balls.

Each game shall be controlled by a competent referee to be found by the ‘home’ team unless otherwise agreed.


(c) A league Snooker Match normally consists of 3 players each playing two frames against the same opponent i.e. 6 frames.

However up to 6 players are allowed in any order with each player playing a maximum of two frames.




A Billiard team shall consist of 3 players playing 150 up. Should insufficient time be available for completion of the last game, play should cease at a time to be mutually prearranged at least 15 minutes beforehand and the player who is leading at the closure shall be deemed the winner. If the scores are level the next score or forfeit shall decide.

(d) No team may field any player who is ineligible under Rule 9 (c or d). Players may not play for more than one team in the same division. Players may not play for more than one team on the same night. Players having already had 4 matches in a higher division may no longer play in a lower division without prior consent from the League Executive Committee during any one season. Players may transfer to a higher division but after 4 matches the rule above comes into play. Any Club breaking the above rule will forfeit all points for that particular match. Complaints as to unsuitable playing conditions, allegations of unfair practice and disputes of any kind may be submitted to the League Committee for arbitration.

Note: In accordance with World Snooker Rules all refereeing decisions are binding and must stand.

(d) Where any member of the League be prevented from entering any Club from 

which they are barred, the Team/Club playing such a member must send a

reserve player to take his place on such occasions.



(a) The official Result shall be forwarded to reach the Match Secretary either by text or email, not later than the Tuesday following the match. Persistent delay in the notification of results shall render a team liable to such penalties as the Executive Committee shall determine.

(b) One point shall be awarded for each frame of Snooker.

In the Billiard Leagues a player scores one point for every 50 points scored    A bonus point is awarded for winning the whole match i.e. the maximum that can be scored is 10 points.

(c) In the event of a tie on points at the end of the season, then the number of matches won will decide the higher position. If still level then the head - to head match scores will decide. If still level a play - off may be arranged to determine the finishing positions. This will only apply when promotion, relegation or winners and runners up finishing positions are unclear. In a Snooker play off all frames shall be played to a finish and a draw shall be decided on aggregate points. The black ball shall be re-spotted if the scores are still equal.

(d) Promotion and relegation between Divisions shall be on a ‘two-up: two-down’ basis, excepting that vacancies arising for any reason may be filled by new admissions, additional promotions or otherwise as the Executive Committee, at its pre-season meeting shall think fit.

(e) In the event of a team withdrawing from the League after the season has                                               started all of the match points won and lost by such team will be void.



All registered players shall be entitled to compete in the Leagues knockout Competitions which shall be played as directed by the Executive Committee. Finals shall be played at a venue and date set by the Executive Committee who shall also appoint a Referee.

For all competitions the deadline for the first named to contact opponents is 14 days from the commencement of each round. After that point the second named have the option to play at their home venue and are responsible to make contact. At the closing date, if neither have attempted to make contact then both will be eliminated


Entries shall be invited for:

(a) The Snooker Championship - to be decided by the best of 3 frames in all rounds up to the last 16. Best of 5 frames in the last 16 round and up to and including the final.

(b) The Snooker Pairs Handicap - all rounds to be decided by the aggregate score of two frames subject to a handicap of points to be marked at the commencement of the game. The players alternate in breaking off and when only the black remains the first score or foul ends the frame. The black ball is only re-spotted if the score is equal at the end of the second and final frame.

Once a player has played a stroke on his visit at the table no conferring is allowed. As per World Snooker Rules.

(c) The Divisional Snooker Championship is to be decided by the best of 3 frames in all rounds. Entrants to play in the division that they are registered to play in, however if requested they may play in a higher divisional championship.

(d) The Jersey Triples Snooker Handicap - between teams of three players, each playing one frame against an opponent drawn by lot and subject to a handicap of points to be marked at the commencement of the match. All frames to be played to a finish and the match decided by the aggregate score after the three frames. A Club may enter any number of teams, but any individual who has played for a team in any round of the competition shall not subsequently play for any other team. Team Captains shall be responsible for making match arrangements.

(e) The Snooker Singles Handicap - all rounds to be decided by the aggregate score of two frames subject to a handicap of points to be marked at the commencement of the game. The players alternate in breaking off and when only the black remains the first score or foul ends the frame. The black ball is only re-spotted if the score is equal at the end of the second and final frame.

(f) The Billiards Championship - to be decided by 1 game of 200 up duration in all rounds prior to the final which shall be played over a time period of 90 minutes.

(g) The George Harris Billiards Open Handicap - all rounds to be played as one game of 200 points subject to handicap of points received or owed, and marked at the commencement of the game.

(h) The Maurice Poulain Over 50’s Shield - to be decided over the best of 3 frames of snooker for players over the age of 50.



All League and Individual Championships and Handicap Cups are Challenge    Trophies and cannot be won outright. Replicas and other additional prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the League Committee, who shall be empowered to suspend the competition for any trophy in the event of lack of support.





In all snooker divisions of the Byfleet and District League the miss rule may be applied.


Despite the decision at the 2014 AGM to relax the much misunderstood 'Miss Rule' in divisions one and two, the rule may still come into play if a very poor attempt has been made to hit a ball on. The members present at the AGM voted that the rule was 'not compulsory' in these divisions however this does not mean that it no longer may be applied. With many experienced and excellent players throughout all the divisions we expect consistent sportsmanship and honesty by players if these situations occur.  Following discussion this proposal was agreed, 'that as well as the referee the two players may be included in consultation if a possible miss occurs'. What does this mean? the referee doesn't call a miss but the opponent of the striker who fouled, thinks it should have been called, they may now ask their opponent 'do you agree that it should have been a miss'? If both players agree then the referee calls a miss and the cue ball may be replaced. If either player disagrees then the referee makes the final decision. This should take the onus away from referees that are not qualified and may feel in an awkward position. However, this consultation will not apply to matches officiated by E.P.S.B. qualified referees.




Social Media guidelines



-    Personal use of social media is a part of everyday life.

-    The Byfleet League’s reputation for the highest possible standards (outlined below) is crucial.

-    The good reputation of the League is imperative.

-    Therefore, League members (and others) posting on social media platforms should take “reasonable” steps to ensure their activity doesn’t undermine that reputation, or bring the League into disrepute.


Points to Remember (adapted below):

-    Remember that even when posting in a personal capacity, you may still be easily identified by others as representing the Byfleet League.

-    Avoid engaging in activities on social media which may undermine the reputation of the Byfleet League or bring it into disrepute.

-    Do not post derogatory or disrespectful comment on social media; and / or use it to attack or abuse others* (opponents / fellow League members).

-    Be aware that social media is a public forum and the same considerations apply as, for example, speaking in public or writing for a publication either officially or out of work.

-    Be aware that, even on closed social networks (like Facebook), posts can be seen by other users they hadn’t intended

-    Be aware that once something is posted on social media it can be difficult to remove






·         All players are expected to honour the game, which includes respecting their opposition and the referee.

·         At the start to shake hands, and at the conclusion of each hard fought game a handshake and congratulations on a well played game is what should be instilled by all captains to their players.

·         Players should not leave the table during play without the permission of the referee, not concede a frame unless snookers are required and immediately vacate the table after a missed shot. There are to be no breaks between frames.

·         Referees are bound to occasionally make mistakes but their decision is final. You may query a decision but if affirmed then there should be no further questioning.

·         Mobile phones should be on silent and calls should not be made or received in the snooker room. The level of noise should be reasonable and not bordering on gamesmanship. If players feel put off by the level of noise or behaviour during their game then please point this out at the outset. It is expected that in this situation the players wishes will be respected.

·         Once a match starts players should not practice on adjoining tables prior to their particular game(s).

·         We are a sociable league and generally members are looking for an enjoyable evening. Both teams end the match by sharing food and sometimes drink and this camaraderie is a time for reflection on the games or for some friendly banter etc.

·         If any of this is too much for any player to comply to then we make no apology and say that there is no place in this league for you.

All players in the Byfleet League are expected to abide by the above. Failure to do so will result in a disciplinary hearing judged by the committee.